103-year-old grandfather and granddaughter born 80 years apart celebrate lockdown birthdays

By September 7, 2020 No Comments

Percy Mann and his youngest granddaughter Clare Macleod marked their 103rd and 23rd birthdays in style over the weekend.

Having lived through two world wars and twenty-five prime ministers. The father to eleven, grandfather to twenty and great-grandfather to sixteen, retired policeman and recent TikTok sensation Percy, was able to enjoy his special day with loved ones nearby. As family members, including Clare, paid him a visit outside his window at Renaissance Care’s Whitecraigs care home.

Having celebrated over one hundred birthdays, Percy is more than happy to have shared his birthday weekend with Clare over the last twenty-three years, as Percy was born on 21 August 1917 and Clare, 23 August 1997.

Granddaughter Clare, who is currently a PHD student studying cardiovascular science at The University of Edinburgh, expressed her delight at having been able to share her birthday weekend with her grandpa her entire life. She said, “It has always been a really special weekend every year, and I definitely value it more the older we get.”

The pair had their own separate celebrations with Clare enjoying some socially distanced drinks with a few friends in her back garden and Percy being treated to birthday cakes with staff, residents and family all singing him happy birthday from a distance. Although, both enjoyed wishing one another happy birthday from afar at the home’s designated family area outside on Sunday.

Clare went on to add, “My grandpa is still so full of life and young at heart, he inspires us all everyday to live life to the fullest and to always have fun. I have never thought there was eighty years between us, age is just a number to him.

“Having a birthday this year will have been strange for anyone, it has been the first time as a family we haven’t been able to mark both our birthdays and sit down to enjoy cake together. Although, it has still been lovely to be able to see each other and acknowledge that we can hopefully celebrate properly very soon.”

Two of Percy’s daughters Liz (Clare’s mum) and Doreen added, “We feel sad that we can’t take our dad out somewhere nice. Last year, we had all the family together as we love a bit of a party. However, it’s fantastic to see him looking so well after everything he’s been through in the last few months – bring on 104.”

When asked how Percy celebrated his twenty third birthday, he said, “It was during the second world war and I think it would have been very different to Clare’s, as she told me she was enjoying cocktails with friends, those didn’t exist in 1940!”

The 103-year-old added, “It doesn’t feel like so many years have passed, I am very lucky to have had such wonderful people around me over the years. To have been able to have seen my family on my birthday, even through the window, made my day it is all I needed.”