Hannah Khambule, staff nurse at Whitecraigs Care Home in Thornliebank

By December 23, 2019 No Comments

Hannah Kahmbule, staff nurse at Whitecraigs Care Home in Glasgow, is looking forward to her favourite shift of the year – Christmas Day.

The nursing staff at Whitecraigs Care Home take it in turns to work either Christmas or New Year and having started back in 2008, Hannah has worked many Christmases at the care home, often volunteering to work allowing her colleagues with children to spend the day with their families.

Hannah loves her job and the residents she cares for, so working on Christmas Day is a privilege as she gets to spend it with those who mean so much to her.

The best bit for Hannah is how happy residents and staff are on the lead up to Christmas, working together from December 1st to make sure they are ready for the big day. From picking out the tree to decorating the home and even selecting presents for fellow residents and staff, residents are fully involved in all preparations meaning everyone is extremely excited to see all their efforts come together.

In the morning staff dress up in Christmas jumpers, put on festive music and get the residents in their glad-rags, making sure everyone’s hair and make-up is perfect for the big day. It’s then time to hand out presents before a special breakfast together ahead of visitors arriving.

Some residents will go home on Christmas Eve to spend time with family, while others have loved ones come to visit. Relatives are also welcome to stay and join residents and staff for a three-course lunch.

The staff, residents and relatives have built a family-like-relationship so it’s a great time to enjoy some quality time together. However, for some of the residents, the staff will be the only visitors they have that day, making it even more important that the whole team come to work with a smile on their face.

Despite her shift starting at 2pm on Christmas, Hannah always makes sure she gets to work early so she can enjoy the whole day with those she considers her family.

Hannah said: “I love seeing the residents’ faces light up as they open up their presents. Spending time with the residents on Christmas Day means the world to me, they are my family too, so it’s not just them who benefit.

“It’s such a good laugh. Once the Christmas songs start, they don’t stop until after Boxing Day – you can hear residents bellowing out carols from every room.”

After finishing at 8pm on Christmas Day, Hannah will be meeting with friends for a quick celebration before heading home to get ready for work on Boxing Day – her second favourite shift.