Husband and wife reunited in Glasgow care home for the first time since before lockdown

By July 10, 2020 No Comments

A husband and wife are among elderly residents at Renaissance Care’s Whitecraigs Care Home in Glasgow who have reunited with family members, with outdoor meetings allowing loved ones to reconnect in person for the first time since March.

The sun was shining for the first day of emotional visits on Monday, giving relatives the chance to catch up with their partners, parents, grandparents and relatives face to face. Keeping loved ones connected has been a key focal point for Renaissance Care since the start of the pandemic, purchasing iPads for each of its 15 care homes and maintaining strong communication with relatives throughout.

Following their 55th wedding anniversary which they celebrated through the window last week, 76-year-old Norman Thomson was able to sit with his wife Sandra (74) in the garden and catch up properly.

Norman said: “”It’s marvellous. I was really looking forward to the visit. Obviously I would love to be with her but this is the first step. It’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to next.”

Amanda Randou, activities coordinator at Renaissance Care’s Whitecraigs Care Home, said: “Sandra really enjoyed getting to reconnect with Norman. Visits are going great here. It’s lovely to see our residents reconnecting with their loved ones. It is challenging as it’s a different type of visit but it’s a step forward.”

Frank (89) was also very excited to see his niece, Laureen, and he said he “thoroughly enjoyed the visit.”

Laureen said: “Thank you to the team today for making my family visit so special. It was great to see my uncle Frank looking so happy and content and amazingly understanding of the need to social distance! Thanks everyone”

Isa (90) got to reunite with her daughter and said: “I enjoyed seeing my daughter. I would rather see her inside than outside but at least I got to see her”.

Percy (102) was thrilled to see his daughter Doreen for a visit in the garden. Doreen said: “I thought the visit was really good and it was great to see my dad. I think my dad really enjoyed it. It’s not a long time and you can tell it’s a lot of work for the staff but it was good to see him I really appreciate it.”

Tommy (84) also got to see his wife of 55 years Isa. Isa said: “I was really pleased to see Tommy after four months. It was good and he looked well and seemed happy. It’s good to get back to a wee bit of normality even if it’s just one visit a week, it’s keeping us in contact and lets him know I’m here. The garden was lovely and it was really well organised. It’s been really thought out well.”