Loneliness Awareness Week

By June 12, 2019 No Comments

Loneliness in Scotland is at an all time high. According to the National Records of Scotland, in 2012, 96,400 men aged 65 or over were living alone; this is projected to nearly double (93 per cent increase), to 186,100 in 2037. This compares to an increase of 33 per cent in number of women aged 65 or over living alone, to 302,100.

With these figures on the increase, we becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of bringing people together and keeping people connected with loved ones, friends and their community.

Our focus on ‘Togetherness’ becomes even more relevant and supports people to: live together, laugh together, work together and talk together. Not only does this support our residents it also supports our workforce with looking after their own mental and social wellbeing needs, as well as that of people around them.

Making it Personal means that we, as an organisation put people first. We want everyone connected to Renaissance Care to be healthy, happy and supported. By doing this, we can help Scotland move towards eradicating loneliness, at any age.

There are some simple things we are committed to doing as an organisation and as individuals:

  • Talk – create safe environments for people to get together to open up and have a conversation
  • Listen – get to know the people around you and listen to the life and experiences others have to offer
  • Be aware – recognise the change in someone’s mood and behaviour, sometimes people just need to be asked if they’re ok
  • Connect – engage with our communities to bring generations together, sometime the best friendships come from the most unlikely partnerships

We encourage everyone who’s a part of Renaissance Care to reach out to colleagues, residents, relatives and our partners to be kind to one another, start a conversation and bring people together to build friendships and companions.