Lorraine Russell – Carer at Meadowlark

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I am Lorraine Russell and I’ve worked at Meadowlark Care Home for coming up to 6 years 9 months.

What is your greatest achievement within your role?

My greatest achievement in my role as a carer is having earned a resident/residents trust when they feel they can rely on me.  When having done their life story with them and they feel they can tell or ask me anything.

What makes you smile most about the job you do?

What makes me smile the most in my job is when I can have a laugh and a bit of banter with the residents to see them happy.  Laughter is the best tonic and it doesn’t cost anything.

What three qualities do you think a person needs to be a good carer?

The 3 qualities a person needs to be a good carer are – To treat all the residents as individuals and treat them how you would like to be treated yourself.  Be a good listener.  Be able to make them feel that they can depend and trust in you.

What’s the hardest thing about being a carer?

The hardest thing in being a carer is when a resident is nearing their end of life, but it is also a privilege to care for them at that time too.

If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?

If I had an extra hour in my working day I would make sure the resident’s room/ chest of drawers/ wardrobes were all tidy.  Have a wee cup of tea with them.