Mathieson House

Michelle McGowan – Mathieson House

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Michelle has been a carer for 10 years and works at Mathieson House. Michelle is a key member of the team and someone we can greatly rely on. More so, the residents love her.

Here’s Michelle’s insight into being a carer.

What is your greatest achievement within your role?

Achieving my SVQ 3, it was hard work but I’m really proud I’ve done it

What makes you smile most about the job you do?

Making the residents laugh and smile. Supporting them and making sure their lives are as good as can be. It really makes me feel good and satisfied when I leave my shift, knowing I’ve done that.

What three qualities do you think a person needs to be a good carer?

  • Caring
  • Thoughtful
  • Happy

What’s the hardest thing about being a carer?

When you see residents are down and there’s no easy way to fix it. I always try and just spend time with residents if that happens.

If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?

Spending more time with the residents out with the home supporting them achieve a goal.