New hatchlings have elderly care residents feeling like spring chickens

By March 26, 2020 No Comments

Residents at an elderly care home in Bridge of Don, were chirped up last week when seventeen baby chicks hatched from the eggs they had been caring for.

The residents at Renaissance Care’s Jesmond Care Home were enjoying caring for the eggs donated to the home by a relative of a resident in February. The elderly residents at the purpose built Aberdonian home were eagerly anticipating the chicks’ arrival when a number of the eggs began to hatch last Friday.

Each resident and all of the staff at Jesmond Care Home had been working hard to make sure the chicklings had everything they need to hatch and grow in their temporary new home – something the residents discovered quickly, is a fine art.

The residents carefully monitored the temperature, ventilation and humidity of the incubator which nested the eggs, to make sure the environment was perfect to produce healthy chicks.

Once strong enough, the seventeen baby chicks were transferred to a box with a heat lamp, shelter and plenty of food and water, not to mention being showered with love and attention by the adoring residents and staff. The unhatched eggs remained in the incubator to be taken back to their owner’s farm.

Caring for the little birds not only kept the residents happy and active over the past few weeks but has also acted as a great distraction to the uncertainty and concern which is being experienced across the world right now.

Jade McGowan, activities co-ordinator at Renaissance Care’s Jesmond Care Home, said: “Our priority during this difficult time is to make sure the residents are not only safe and physically healthy, but are also kept as entertained and active as they normally would be to ensure their general wellbeing is maintained.

“Having a few, extra cute house-mates was exactly what the residents needed to take their minds off what can be an upsetting and confusing time for all.”