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Olivia Beedie – Beech Manor

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Olivia has been a carer for over 20 and loves working at Beech Manor care home. She sees her role as a vocation and is passionate about helping others.

We asked Olivia a couple of questions about her job and here was her reply.

Q1. What is your greatest achievement within your role?

Seeing the residents and their families happy, I like that I can make a difference and really help people, even during the most difficult of times.

Q2. What makes you smile most about the job you do?

Seeing the residents achieve their goals, enjoying living here and being able to share stories with each other about our lives. We often find out that we’ve lots in common.

Q3. What three qualities do you think a person needs to be a good carer?

I think there’s four things you need: Patience, empathy, being friendly and approachable

Q4. What’s the hardest thing about being a carer?

End of life care, when you have spent so much time with the resident making memories, then saying goodbye can be very hard

Q5. If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?

Sit and chat more with the residents, it’s simple but it’s my favourite thing to do with residents.