Good food and good memories go hand in hand. Our Renaissance Foodies Festival aims to bring people together through shared experiences, memories of travels and famous flavours from around the world.

Renaissance Foodies Festival

Food and mealtime experiences can often be the highlight for many of our residents each day. It offers routine, social inclusion, reminiscent opportunities and great joy.

Food and themes around food can also provide a large cultural experience, often bringing people together through shared experiences and the love for a particular flavour or dish.

In the month of August, many cities host a foodies festival where food, drink and culture unite people within a safe and relaxed environment. The festival usually has many food stalls offering samples of delicacies and flavoursome dishes from around the world. You can see more information on a traditional foodies event here.

During this time, live music and festive beverages also form part of the foodies experience.

Renaissance Foodies Festival

This year, we’ve enjoyed sporting, gardening and music events across Renaissance Care, now we want to celebrate the food lovers within our homes by hosting our very own foodies festival.

This will run over the course of two weeks starting Monday 22nd August through to Sunday 4th September. Our activities will see residents identify countries they’ve visited (or wish they had) then create meals based on their experiences. They’ll immerse themselves in themed culture days from around the world with song, dance, food, drink and dress of their chosen countries. There will be cook offs and competitions to find the best baker, family dinners and reminiscent session -  the list is endless.


Come join us

As always, our homes and events are open to the special people in our residents lives. You’re always welcome to come join in the fun of any event, bring along a baked good that your loved one enjoys or to simply visit and enjoy the company and activities.