Renaissance Care offers residential support for the elderly in Scotland. Our primary aim is to ensure that you enjoy a good quality of life within a pleasing and safe environment.

This will be achieved by ensuring that the quality of our staff is of a high standard and that they receive appropriate support, leadership and training to carry out their duties to the best of their ability and in line with legal requirements and best practice guidelines.

You will be treated with dignity and respect at all times and enabled to enjoy a full range of social activities. Your privacy will be respected and your care will be delivered in such a way that responds to your wishes and need for care and support, without being over protected.

You will be enabled and encouraged to lead an independent and purposeful life within an environment which is free from exploitation, abuse and discrimination.

If at any time you are dissatisfied with the service we are providing, you may wish (and can be provided with assistance if required) to complain directly to the management team or to the

Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care.