At Renaissance Care we are always looking for talented, passionate and caring individuals to join our team.



Why join Renaissance Care?

In 2019, Renaissance Care launched its ‘Making it Personal’ project, a vision that was designed to transform the organisation into a truly person-centred community for all its people.

This meant putting residents at the very heart of their care but also creating nurturing and supportive environments for our workforce to thrive and flourish. This would be true for our teams in every role within the business including care staff, housekeeping and catering, gardening and maintenance to our managers and heads of department and finally our board. The vision is inclusive of everyone.

As part of a rewarding career in care we aim to provide:

  • A supportive culture where people really do come first
  • Flexible working patterns to support a healthy work/life balance
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Career paths and progression
  • Competitive rates of pay ​​​​

All our people are important to us.

You can apply to any vacancies via our online job search or get in touch via the contact page for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.



Work with us at Renaissance Care


In our view the role of home manager is pivotal to the successful operation of our business.
Our nurses are the heart and soul of many of our homes, they bring structure to a day and guidance to a shift. Our nurses define and promote excellent care standards throughout their home, they promoting independence and positively enhance lives through person-centred care.
A carer within the home is an integral role in the daily operation and functioning of a care home. Not only do they deliver personal care, they often provide a friendly ear for residents and a supportive hand to colleagues.
Our mealtime and dining experience form such a major part of our residents daily lives and impacts our resident physical and emotional wellbeing. They help provide inclusion and experiences that many look forward to and cherish with friends and family.
Our domestics are unsung heroes in the care home. They are the people who make sure the homes, are clean, well presented and they have pride in the overall appearance and impression. Their attention to detail makes their role so essential that without them our working and living environments would become unbearable.
Creating an active lifestyle within a care home is so essential for residents within our homes. It helps to maintain and often develop physical and emotional wellbeing for an individual and is often the aspect of their life that keeps them connected to their former lifestyle, their community and their friends.
It takes a lot of skill and talent to undertake the role of maintenance within the homes. With many needs and demands placed upon them to make sure the home is safe, compliant and in effective working order. Our maintenance teams also provide structure and inclusion for residents as many enjoy helping with daily tasks.
Administrators play a supportive role to all stakeholders: colleagues, residents and relatives. Their planning and organizational skills are the backbone to the smooth running. Their front of house persona puts a smile on the face of those entering and leaving the home.
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Our homes range in size, location and style, yet our quality of care, support and love for our residents remains consistent. Find a Renaissance care home near you.
Renaissance Care Scotland deliver nursing and residential care to over 650 residents within 15 care homes in Scotland. People are at the very heart of our care homes, ensuring warm, happy and safe places to live and work.