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Denise Mote joined Renaissance Care’s Croftbank Care Home in April 2021 as care home manager with over 20 years’ experience in the sector.

Having joined the home at a time when things were beginning to return to normality after Covid-19, Denise has been key in supporting staff, residents, and their families with the transition back to the way things were before.

Residents are back doing all their favourite activities organised by care home staff, from days out in Uddingston and Hamilton, indoor activities and parties, as well as visits to the home from family, friends and community groups. As the team look towards Christmas, Denise is driving a local recruitment campaign to support existing staff to continue to deliver personalised care to each individual living at Renaissance Care’s Croftbank Care Home.

Denise said: “It’s my job to make sure that the care staff at Croftbank Care Home are properly supported, have the correct resources they need to provide the best quality care, and to ensure their development and wellbeing.

“A large part of this comes down to ensuring we have a full team which can work coherently together, complementing and supporting each other both professionally and personally.

“The job we do is an extremely personal thing for our residents and for the staff in these roles. It is not a working relationship that they share, it’s one based on trust, love and understanding; so, it’s important that new team members can share in our ethos and have the interests of the residents we care for at the very heart of everything they do.

“Our team are extremely passionate and have a great amount of experience and qualifications in an array of different aspects of personalised care. Myself and a number of my colleagues are registered nurses, we also have activity co-ordinators, as well as care workers, kitchen staff, cleaners, and many more. Each of whom play an equally significant part in life at Croftbank.

“Despite the difference in our roles, there is a thread of love and belonging which runs through this home. When you walk in the door at Croftbank, it’s like getting a big hug.

“We are looking for new team members to help our family grow, allowing us to provide the utmost care and attention to our residents.  We provide a lot of one the job training, so the most important thing to us is that we find those who want to make a difference and have the drive to give those in our care the best life possible.

“Amongst the roles we are looking to fill, we have created a ‘Wellbeing Assistant’ position for those interested in working in the care sector but would like to expand their experience with the elderly as a starting point. This role includes supporting care staff, promoting lifestyle choices, helping organise activities and events in the home, and building relationships with the residents.

“To anyone who is considering a care role, I cannot recommend it enough. I have been working in care for over 20 years and have never regretted my decision to spend my career caring for those who need it the most, alongside those with the biggest hearts imaginable.”

To find out more about the roles available at Renaissance Care’s Croftbank Care Home and across the group which has a total of 16 homes throughout Scotland, please visit: https://www.renaissance-care.co.uk/careers


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