Renaissance Care’s Croftbank House Care Home in Uddingston celebrated Violet Panton’s 100th birthday last week, and the birthday girl was pleased the Queen did not forget to send her a birthday card amidst the Covid-19 chaos.

Violet was over the moon to celebrate the milestone birthday with her fellow residents at a tea party organised by the staff, which was made even better by a birthday cake baked especially for Violet by Mr Tunnock and his team at the local factory.

Due to restrictions, Violet’s family were unable to visit, however, one of her two daughters and one of her four grandchildren stopped by for a wave through the window which certainly cheered Violet, who was glad to show off her many balloons and a stunning bouquet of flowers.

Violet, born on 28 October 1920 and originally from Brighton, has lived a long and fascinating life, living through two World Wars. During WW2, women were offered the option of working in factories or in the auxiliary services. Violet quickly chose the latter and was proud to serve in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force where she tracked enemy planes.

During the war, Violet also met and married her husband of 59 years, Maurice, who lived in Renaissance Care’s Croftbank House until he passed. Following the death of Maurice, Violet decided to move into Croftbank herself as she recognised how cared for and happy her late husband was while living there.

Violet seemed unphased by the idea of turning 100. She said: “I never thought I’d reach 100, but I feel exactly the same as I ever have. I always say, do what makes you happy – that’s the best way to live!

“I was very pleased the Queen remembered to send me a card. I wasn’t sure she would due to all the Coronavirus issues, but I’m very touched. It was also great to receive a cake from Mr Tunnock – I shared it with my friends during our tea party, and even made sure there was some left for the night-shift staff too – although it was hard not to eat it all myself!”

Maxine Kinnoch, manager at Croftbank  House Care Home, commented: “We all thoroughly enjoyed joining in the celebrations for Violet’s birthday. We always like to make a fuss of our resident’s birthday, no matter what age they are, but now more than ever, it is important to mark such occasions.

“The cake by the team at the Tunnock’s factory was beautiful, and despite Violet’s worry that the Queen might be otherwise occupied, it was fantastic to receive her card – it really cheered everyone up!”