Renaissance At offers an elegant lifestyle, where independence and care merge seamlessly. With luxurious surroundings and an exclusive environment, residents can relax and enjoy a lifestyle they love.


Welcome to Renaissance At, an exclusive group of intimate care homes with a focus on living well.

Renaissance At hosts residents within elegant properties that range in style from period, listed buildings to contemporary purpose-built houses, located in some of Scotland’s most prestigious locations. Chic rooms and abundant amenities provide a boutique-hotel atmosphere and ensure residents feel completely at home.

Although our homes are all different in aesthetic, they share a common purpose: to provide warm, compassionate and personalised care to every individual, supporting them to live the way they choose. Our highly skilled staff get to know our residents personally and develop a complete understanding of their unique health and wellbeing needs. You can be confident that our team provides the very best in one-to-one, compassionate care, underpinned by professional rigour, process and qualified experience.

From Edinburgh to Inverness, our homes are frequently situated within the heart of the community, and many forge close ties with local groups – creating events and activities for both parties to benefit from. A Renaissance At home is focused on fostering these personal connections to enable all residents to live their best life.

A Renaissance At home will always be staffed by a highly qualified team that will include skilled nurses and practised carers, providing the very best in personal care. Working with each resident and their family, our team will design a bespoke care or treatment plan to help create the lifestyle they desire. This will reflect the resident’s personality, health considerations and wellbeing needs. Many of the Renaissance At homes have the capacity to work with complex issues and health conditions, offering round-the-clock medical staff. All properties benefit from access to a portfolio of multi-disciplinary health professionals, alternative therapies and wellbeing specialists including dentists, dieticians, reflexologists, opticians, podiatrists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, district nurses and psychiatric services.
Funding your care comes in many forms. Please speak to us to discuss your funding support.
One of life’s greatest joys is sharing great food with friends and family. At a Renaissance At home, we endeavour to make every meal memorable. Our homes all have in-house kitchens staffed by skilled chefs, well-practised in creating delicious food for every palate. Menus are often planned with residents’ input and encompass many styles and tastes. Scotland is celebrated for its incredible culinary delights and our chefs source top quality, seasonal produce to create fresh, nutritious meals every day. Many Renaissance At homes serve meals restaurant-style, with table service, changing daily menus and a choice of wines. A wide variety of activities and events can be enjoyed at any Renaissance At home, from wine-tasting to yoga, from church visits to gardening. And if a little rest and recuperation is needed, then there are always quiet spaces in which to read, reflect or just relax with a cup of tea.
Every one of our exceptional homes contains chic and sensitively styled bedrooms. Life Within A Renaissance At home is comfortable, homely and supported.
We'd love to meet you. Please book your visit, we look forward to seeing you soon.