Our care is delivered with love and compassion; our staff are highly trained and their focus is on meeting the specific needs of all our residents living with dementia.


If you or a family member has been diagnosed with dementia, at the point when you decide full time care is needed, you’ll find that living in a Renaissance Care home is a safe, comfortable and welcoming experience.

In a Renaissance Care home, you and your loved ones will remain closely connected, enjoying the assurance that all personal, social, emotional and medical care needs are being met.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be a difficult time for a family, evoking many emotions. At Renaissance Care we support you throughout your journey with dementia, working with you, your family and all the key partners involved in this transition.


Person-centred approach 

Renaissance Care’s staff receive specialist training, enabling them to meet the needs of residents living with dementia in our homes. We spend time getting to know the person and the family and develop connections that will assist with their care. We always prioritise early interventions using calm, person-centred approaches, particularly during period of distress. The nurturing relationships that develop between our staff and residents is a key element in maintaining a happy and comfortable lifestyle within our homes. 

Family support  

We know a diagnosis of dementia impacts the whole family. This is why Renaissance Care places as much care and support for families as we do for residents. We urge friends and relatives to spend time at the home, getting to know the environment and the people and we welcome you to join in our activities and wellbeing events. Spending this quality time with your loved one, knowing personal care needs are met, positively enhances relationships, allowing you to enjoy the special moments together once again. 

We aim to support with person-centred interactions such as music and sensory therapies (to name just a few). We can offer you continued learning to you help understand your loved ones dementia journey and how you can best support them during this time.  Our homes have a network of local partners helping our residents to foster friendships and remain connected to the community they love. These include schools, charities, reminiscent groups and dementia cafes. 

Empowering decisions 

We think it’s vital to empower people living with dementia to make their own care choices. At Renaissance Care we spend time uncovering the things that matter most to our residents, and then we find ways to support them. We are committed to enabling resident’s independent decisions, from the way their room is decorated to the clothes they wear, and from the menu choices they make to the activities they enjoy. Care really is driven by the individual.  

There are many different causes of dementia, and many different types. That's why it's important that care and support for people living with dementia is personal to each individual.
A diagnosis of dementia can be overwhelming, not only for the person receiving the diagnosis, but also for their friends and family
Our care is always centred around the individual, with a friendly and compassionate approach.
Find out about personal care and nursing care contributions you may be entitled to.
Our care homes provide the very best care to residents within warm and nurturing environment. Ranging from Alzheimer’s and dementia, respite and palliative care there’s lots to consider. Let us help you find what you are looking for.