Supporting Meaningful Activity: Life at Renaissance


Continue The Life You Enjoy: Fulfilling Lifestyles Through Meaningful Activity


At Renaissance, we believe that every resident deserves a life filled with purpose and joy. That's why we're dedicated to creating a meaningful lifestyle for each and every person within our care. We take the time to learn about each individual's interests, life enjoyments, and personal connections so that we can work together to make their time with us meaningful and enjoyable.

Our role is to support residents to continue with the hobbies and interests that matter most to them. Whether you enjoy daily activities such as reading, gardening, or spending time with loved ones, or you're looking for adventure with day excursions, we will support you to live as happily and as independently as possible, with choice and opportunity in abundance.

It's up to you whether you want to sit back and relax throughout the day or get involved in tasks around the home, such as DIY with our maintenance team, laundry with our housekeepers, or food prep with our chefs. Anything is possible, and we actively encourage participation so that everyone feels valued and included during their stay.

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Independence and choice


You will be in control of your life and lifestyle here at Renaissance care. We’ll work with you and your family to create a care plan that identifies what’s important and offer you choices in all aspects of your life.

By working together and maintaining the personal connections with the people, communities and interests that matter the most, we believe your time in your new home will be filled with laughter, fun and love.

With an independent and fulfilling lifestyle at the heart of our homes. Renaissance Care residents enjoy a life less ordinary, surrounded with personal connections and choice.

Care Home Activities


Our Wellbeing Leads provide a full repertoire of activities that are tailored to our residents individual interests. Whether you’re with us for a short respite stay or longer-term care, we will get to know you and naturally integrate whats important to you into the homes daily routines. By providing a range of meaningful activities within the home such as regular exercise classes, gardening projects, arts and crafts, and the opportunity to participate in day trips to name a few – we aim to promote independence, choice, and an active and fulfilled lifestyle. Offering both group and 1:1 activity sessions adapted to suit different capabilities, our wellbeing leads will support you to achieve personal goals and milestones - and with our open-door policy, we welcome your loved ones to join us whenever they so wish. 


What activities are good for dementia care homes?

Engaging in gentle exercise, reminiscing sessions, music therapy, and creative pursuits like arts and crafts can be beneficial for those experiencing dementia. Recognising individuality is paramount at Renaissance, so our homes personalise activities based on your unique interests, preferences, and ability.

What is an example of meaningful activity?

Meaningful activity encompasses a range of experiences, from participating in an exercise class to cherishing moments with loved ones, tending to the garden, or achieving personal milestones. It revolves around promoting independence, choice, and facilitating an active and fulfilled lifestyle – any activity that brings the recipient joy can be meaningful.

What makes the activity meaningful?

Meaningful activities engage residents emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, with the goal of promoting a sense of purpose and connection.

Why are activities important in a care home?

Activities are important within a care home as they enhance residents' quality of life, stimulate cognitive function, and foster social interaction, promoting overall wellbeing.

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With an independent and fulfilling lifestyle at the heart of our homes, Renaissance Care residents enjoy a life less ordinary, surrounded with personal connections and choice.
Our People are the heartbeat of the organisation. Our residents, relatives and workforce are the ones who light up our homes and create happy, vibrant and loving environments to live and work in. Hearing their views, thoughts and feelings help us to continually develop.
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Delivering person-centred care to our workforce is as important to us as the care we provide to our residents. We nurture and support our talented employees, providing flexibility where we can and demonstrating real appreciation of their personal needs and ambitions.