Winter Wellbeing At Renaissance

Get ready for a winter filled with warmth, laughter, and connection!

Our dedicated staff teams are committed to fostering social inclusion, positive wellbeing, and engaging lifestyles, creating an environment where our people can thrive – all year round.

Maintaining positive wellbeing in Winter


As the colder weather and longer nights set in, we are tailoring our activities calendar to match the season. While our excursions continue with regular outings ranging from trips to our local Christmas markets and garden centres to bowling alleys and pub lunches, we’re robust in our approach to ensuring that everyone benefits from our winter preparations.


Understanding the potential seasonal impact on mood, we're doubling down on activities that are not just fun but also sprinkle a bit of magic on everyones day - offering group sessions, 1-1s, and wellbeing check-ins, as well as a range of self-care activities for that festive feel-good. Because we know when the seasons change, so can the way we feel.


Elevating Wellbeing Through Meaningful Activity


Here at Renaissance, we are committed to offering experiences that elevate spirits and contribute to a positive atmosphere. Whether that’s crafting sessions that turn our lounge areas into a winter wonderland, sledging in our snow-filled gardens, or movie nights that whisk us away to faraway lands, our wellbeing leads are always on hand and brimming with creative ideas that promote positive wellbeing.


With indoor games, local performers, and seasonal concerts lined up throughout the Christmas period, you can also expect to see holiday-themed events, celebrations, and a mixture of indoor yoga and exercise classes utilising our danceSing platform to ensure our residents maintain an active lifestyle despite the challenges of winter.  Intergenerational partnerships also continue to thrive over the festive period, with our homes working closely with neighbouring schools and nurseries to foster meaningful connections and share in the spirit of the season.


Winter Ready


Watch the below videos to find out more about how Renaissance Care gets Winter ready:


Staying Connected 


The festivities are a time of togetherness. So we put as much emphasis on staying connected to the ones you love, as we do on any other aspect of care.  We do so via multiple communication channels - keeping residents and their families informed about what we’re up to, and any upcoming special events so that they have the opportunity to visit and join in whenever they can, our door is always open.


Our property and maintenance teams take proactive steps in ensuring the safety and comfort of our residents, staff, and visitors. By planning ahead of time, we ensure that roads are gritted, deliveries are made, and loved ones can access homes worry-free.   





Nutritional Wellbeing In Winter 


We take great pride in promoting all elements of wellbeing at Renaissance. Our chefs and kitchen teams have been focusing on introducing a range of new warm and hearty soups, stews, and casseroles to our menus as well as oily fish rich in Vitamin D, complemented by a selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. This, combined with our selection of hot drinks, is known to help support a good immune system and alleviate symptoms associated with cold and flu which may be common at this time of year.

(More information on nutritional wellbeing at Renaissance can be found by clicking here.) 



Winter FAQ


How can I get my annual flu jab in the care home?

A healthcare professional will visit us in the care home to provide in-home flu vaccinations

What are the benefits of self-care on my wellbeing?

Activities such as nail care can help promote nail growth, prevent infection, and makes nails stronger.

Music, movement, and spending time outdoors can also provide a sense of self-care, as these types of activities can promote feelings of wellbeing and fulfilment.

How do the care homes get Winter ready?

Each of our care home departments adopt a comprehensive, and collaborative approach to ensure Winter readiness. Whether it's gritting roads, facilitating deliveries, adjusting activities, or organising festive events, our homes are always prepared to welcome you with open arms.

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