Enriching Lives: Nutritional Wellbeing Within The Care Setting

What To Expect From Renaissance Care's Dining Experience

It is a privilege to prepare and serve great quality food within our care homes, carefully selected with nutrition, flavour and individuality in mind for every resident.

Our dining experience at Renaissance Care starts from the moment you enter one of our homes. Our chef will sit with you to get to know you and establish your meal preferences based on your personal tastes and needs. They will then incorporate some of your favourite dishes into your care home menu to make sure you continue to enjoy the very best home from home comforts.

This attention to detail follows through into each meal service within our care homes where we recognise the important role mealtimes can play within a persons day. Often becoming a social highlight for residents where they share a love of good food and good company.

Our environments cater for individuals with a diagnosis of dementia where colour schemes, place settings and crockery contrast, to promote visual recognition and independence during mealtimes. We also cater for a variety of dietary and nutritional requirements including vegetarian, vegan, dysphasia needs, religious and cultural choices to name a few.

Care home food should be fun, flavoursome, flexible and importantly, enjoyable for all – that’s our aim within each of our care home menus.




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What Food Is Served In A Care Home?


Food within care homes range from traditional favourites to cultural delights – it all depends on what our residents want.

Each home consults with residents to identify food choices that matter to them. Our seasonal menus have been carefully created based on nutritional value, resident choice, and chef’s delights. Meals are prepared within our in-house kitchens and are beautifully presented according to dietary requirements; for example, the same meal can be adapted so that it is suitable for those requiring finger foods or processed with skill and passion so that they meet the needs of any resident on a textured modified diet in order to accommodate individual needs and mitigate any risks.


We also carry out a ‘Meal or No Meal’ activity with residents and relatives to identify potential foods to add to our menus alongside staple favourites. We recently trialled haggis bon bons, salmon fishcakes, Pork Meatballs in a thai style sauce, mushroom cappuccino soup and the verdict was unanimous in its delight.

Good nutrition and hydration in care homes has a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing for residents. Making sure we get it right for every person comes down to identifying and implementing personal care plans. To us, great care is a combination of all elements of care home life: varied food choices, lifestyle opportunities and quality clinical care.


Care Home Food and Dietary Requirements

Each meal experience provides choice and diversity as standard incorporating vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, as well as any allergies that need catered for. Each menu can be tailored to all dietary requirements including textured modified options or suitable for those requiring finger foods. We tailor meals for dysphagia diets whilst maintaining the nutritional value and visual appeal of the dish.

What Can I Expect From Mealtimes?

We try to protect mealtimes where possible so that residentscan relax and enjoy the full dining experience without time pressures orinterruptions. This being said, loved ones can join residents for breakfast,lunch, dinner or any of the refreshment breaks throughout the day wherehome-baking and drinks are readily available.

How Do Renaissance Care Make The Dining Experience Special?

Consideration is given to the full dining experience withinour care homes. The welcome you receive; the table presentation; the menuchoice; the presentation of food and service delivery – it should all promotean enjoyable, positive and sociable experience for each resident upon everysitting.

How Does My Nutrition/Fluid Intake Impact My Care?

We understand that good food and nutrition has anoverwhelming impact on physical wellbeing and positive mental health.Maintaining healthy nutritious food choices and strong hydration levels helpsto increase strength, mobility and mood – promoting overall wellbeing of aresident.

Can My Loved One Be Included In Mealtimes?

We encourage residents to invite family and friends to jointhem at mealtimes and share a social experience with the people they love. Thiscan be catered for within in-room dining, private dining or within the diningroom setting, it’s completely up to you. Our full menu is available throughout.


Hydration In Care 

Hydration and fluid intake is an integral aspect of care for every resident within Renaissance Care. Good hydration in care homes has multiple benefits including a reduction in medication, reduction in falls, increase in energy level and mood, and improves the integrity of the skin.

As part of daily routines, water jugs and hydration stations are refreshed throughout the day offering a variety of hot and cold beverages for residents and visitors to enjoy. Particular consideration is given to the placement of refreshments to ensure they are within easy reach for those that experience mobility issues. A choice of cups or aids is also available to ensure water flow requirements meets residents needs.


Dehydration in older adults


Our staff are trained in hydration and how to notice signs of dehydration in older adults. Older adults become more susceptible to dehydration due to physiological changes as we age including renal function and cognitive impairment.

A diagnosis of dementia or implications from a stroke may impact the ability to recognise the feeling of thirst. Our staff often assist residents with drinks and make regular prompts to promote good hydration within our care homes.

We regularly include a choice of foods that have a high fluid level throughout the day to promote strong hydration levels including: jelly, ice-lollies, variety of fresh fruit, yoghurt, and custard. As always, any of these choices can be adapted to suit an individuals needs. Our food and drink offerings are enhanced through warmer months to combat the effects of the heat.


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